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Note: Bills for only miscellaneous charges will be
tendered by the A&O. Questions about freight bills
should be tendered to the issuing railroad.

Questions About Your Miscellaneous Bill
Tracey Bray
800-444-2580 (Extension 4424)

For Overcharge and/or Loss & Damage Claims
Tracey Bray
Phone 270-444-4424

Remittances Should Be Mailed To
Appalachian and Ohio Railroad
P. O. Box 277567, Atlanta, Ga 30384-7567

Note: A.C.H. Remittance is Available
Please Contact Candie Henry
800-444-2580 (Extension 4345)

General Questions & Comments
Phone: 270-444-4349


Customer Service Including Problems with Car Movement

Reconsignment and Diversion or Requesting Railcar

800-444-2580 (Extension 4355)

Daily Car Orders & Special Equipment Needs
Kelly Leggs
800-444-2580 (Extension 4354)

Hi-Wide Clearances
Phone: 270-444-4308

Note: If loads could exceed 11'4" in height from top of railcars bottom (or 15'6" above rail when loaded on railcar) or which exceed 10'8" in width or which hang over the edge of the railcar, or for cars with gross weight exceeding 163,000 pounds or car capacity, whichever is smaller, contact us in advance of anticipated shipment for clearance, rail car equipment, and/or approval.







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